Amabilis Silva arrived in the United States from Minas Gerais – Brazil in 1997 and like many immigrants she started her career in the house cleaning business.

After a lot of effort and hard work, she opened her first restaurant in the Philadelphia area called “Picanha Brazilian Steakhouse” in 2005.
All-you-can-eat barbecue style service is the house specialty, in which the finest steaks are prepared over a perfectly controlled flame creating an unique and distinct flavor. This distinct flavor can only be recreated thanks to the hands and attentive eyes of our careful ‘gaucho’ chefs.
Our first clients were mostly Brazilians, but soon local people who lived and worked around the property noticed that they could have access to¹ the diversity of Brazilian cuisine in this small restaurant, and in no time Americans, Latinos, Asians and other communities became regular customers.
Today, Picanha Brazilian Steakhouse (or simply “Picanha”) has 3 restaurants and plans to expand across America, aiming to deliver quality, good taste and authenticity to every visitor.